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This is a place to tell your story about your bodyrock. I will be posting stories on this site soon.


Share your Body Rock Story — 6 Comments

  1. I got my body rock in Anchorage Alaska, in 1995
    I have used my stone for myself and clients in my reflexology practice, I put it into the sun to cleanse, and the moon so it can absorb the healing of the moon. I always use lavender oil with it, so it can transmute the negative energy, and pain while I work on others.
    I Love it!

  2. I just got my body rock and try to do the same pressure points on myself.
    It is way easier than I used to do with other wood tools and finger tips.
    I can get wait deeper by less force. The touch of the rock is very smooth and grip is natural. I will find out more and comment more later….thanks Jimmy!


  3. I first saw a body rock being used by Joe Lally, DC about 10 years ago. He did some deep tissue work on my horse because of a sore shoulder. After an hour of use my horse moved much better and two days later he was back to normal. So I have watched Joe work on horses for a long time. Tuesday Joe came to the barn and worked on 5 horses, using his stone on each horse for a wide variety of issues and as usual saw terrific results.

    I finally bought two from Jimmy yesterday at the Portland Saturday Market. I spent the afternoon supporting the work Joe had done earlier in the week. Wow. Although I will never have the skills Joe has, I will be able to support his work in between visits.

    I also plan to use it on my back and leg issues. Thank you Jimmy!!!

  4. I purchased one of your Bodyrocks models that is not described on your website. (It is similar to the classic, but has an edge on the broader end.) I would like to see an additional video with more details on hand and forearm pressure points and massage. Many of us spend all day at a keyboard and mouse. I would bet that demonstrating how to properly ease the tension in thumb, hand, and forearm would help sell Bodyworks stones to many of us. This video could also benefit musicians that spend hours using hand and forearm muscles.

  5. We bought our body rock years ago when visiting the lower 48, I believe we got it at the Salem Oregon cou ty fair. Mine is Grey/White granite, at least I think that is what the stone is. I just love it! The beautiful workmanship is just lovely! Im wondering if you still make them out of different stones. I remember seeing a pinkish stone and it was so pretty.

    Thank you for such a work of art!

  6. I really love the versatility of my body rocks. I just graduated and opened my own practice, and already I have found it a helpful. I just finished an 8 hour chair event, and it really helped last all day whereas otherwise I would have been pretty sore in the hands, and I got good feedback from the guests.
    Its easy to palate through, and is great focal loint

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