Black Granite; Hard/Dense Healing Stone to Advance Massage and Body Care Abilities for Anyone
BodyRocks Comfortably Conform in Hands For Easy UseEffectively Self MassageGrip Textured for Easy Use with Oils and Lotions; Polished Working Edges for Smooth GlideMultiple Ways to Hold/Use ComfortablyIncrease Strength While Saving on Wear and Tear of Hands

#01 – Classic Style – Black Granite



Product Description

BodyRocks are hand carved from hard black granite that is dense and durable. The stone is carved in a way to make a strong multi-functional and ergonomic shape tool that can assist anyone to massage easier and effectively; on themselves and others. The Classic style has rounded edges which are great for working on muscle and deep tissue therapy.

The different curves, ends, surfaces, and overall stone can be used in many ways, and enhances the capability of hands, massage, and many different types of bodywork… for both the giver and receiver. The tool adds strength, leverage, and decreases wear and tear on hands.

The stone can be heated or chilled using hot or cold water. Adding heat will soften the body’s tissue while relaxing the muscles and feels great; therapeutic, relaxing, and calming. Cold stone is great for inflammation and bringing out heat from the body.

The metaphysical properties of granite are affiliated with lending strength to your physical health. Properties in granite include abundance, protection, strength, balance, and enhance perspective.


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