The Shape

In my own evaluation of what I do in massage it seems as though about 80 percent of the wear and tear on my hands comes from about 20 percent of what I am doing. Most of this is on the thumbs and fingers. I use many parts of my body to do massage work but nothing offers the flexibility, dexterity, and precision of using thumbs and fingers. This is where the Body Rock can be such an asset and these are the movements that I wanted to focus on as I created it.

As you are learning about the stone, pay attention to the balance and fluidity of the shape. I like to think of it as “the spirit of flow, captured in stone”. For most people the Body Rock is a carefully thought out and well crafted shape that is ergonomic, functional, versatile and flexible. For me, this instrument is a physical manifestation of my vision of life. It is a dance, form and function coming together to make something more.

I am continually developing on a style of massage that uses just the stone. Using all parts of the stone over the entire body to duplicate what I do with my hands. For me this is an experimental project, an ongoing work of art. I am not sure of it’s place in the massage field but I am very interested in where we can take this. Experiment with the stone. Most people only use it for about 15 to 20 percent of their work. Use your own judgment as to how your clients will benefit. After 23 years I am still discovering new ways to hold and apply this instrument.